Toxic Torts

Devine Timoney Law Group has years of experience representing defendants in toxic tort matters, particularly asbestos and benzene cases. From the outset of litigation, we thoroughly investigate the alleged exposure to our client’s products, as well as any potential sources of alternative exposure. Working side by side with uniquely qualified experts in the areas of industrial hygiene, toxicology and epidemiology, we engage in aggressive discovery to develop solid liability and causation defenses for the client. We enter deposition practice with a strong knowledge of our client’s products and how they were used, in order to defeat or minimize product identification. In addition, we have extensive experience with complex discovery productions addressing our clients’ historical documents. We manage the discovery process in a manner that respects our clients’ availability and business needs while also ensuring that they are well prepared for any depositions that may take place. Businesses and Insurers chose to retain Devine Timoney Law Group because they share the firm’s view that aggressive trial preparation and a willingness to see a case through verdict, if necessary, yields the best results.