When an accident occurs or a claim is asserted, insurance carriers, business and individuals retain the seasoned litigators at Devine Timoney Law Group to provide effective legal representation through trial and appeal. From the first notice of claim through the entire litigation process, we will assist both the insured and the carrier, whether it be in the pre-suit investigation, litigation or appeal stage. Our goals are to avoid litigation where possible, implement alternative dispute (ADR) measures when feasible, settle cases upon economic grounds if appropriate, and mount a vigorous defense through trial and appeal where required.  We listen to our clients and formulate our resolution strategy together with their feedback. We determine the value of each piece of litigation and assess its significance in the overall scheme of the client’s business. We then determine how best to cost-effectively staff the matter and achieve the best results possible.

Auto and Transportation

The firm has extensive experience handling transportation and auto claims involving personal injury. Transportation cases often involve significant injuries and the need for a quick response. We have developed close relationships with experts who can be on site to promptly investigate and preserve critical evidence. From arbitration level cases to jury trial, our attorneys are ready and able to defend these matters vigorously.


We also handle cases involving premises liability. Premises liability claims can be made against property owners, from residential homeowners to owners of various businesses, such as apartment complexes, hotels, bars, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, retail outlets, shopping malls, theaters, nightclubs, entertainment venues, parking structures, and all other buildings. These types of claims against property owners and managers include slip, trip, and fall accidents, dog bites, liquor liability, failure to warn visitors, customers, or patrons of temporary premise hazards, criminal attacks based on allegations of negligent security, and other allegations. Premises liability cases can involve injuries and damages which occur to customers, clients, patrons, or tenants on one’s property. These claims may stem from incidents involving alleged defects or safety issues, such as inadequate lighting, wet floors, uneven floor surfaces, potholes, problems with elevators, staircases or escalators, lack of premises maintenance, negligence or wrongdoing of third parties, falling objects, and any other alleged flaw in the environment.

Products Liability

We have extensive experience successfully defending products on the basis of (1) defective manufacture; (2) defective design; or (3) failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions concerning the proper use of the product.  The key to understanding our client’s product and its potential liability is understanding how the product was designed, produced or manufactured, distributed, and used. We have become skilled at learning from experts and others who have first-hand experience and knowledge of the products at issue. We meet our clients with experts on site to examine the products and accident scenes. This hand-on approach to our investigations often uncovers information that is pivotal in defending and resolving cases.


We represent insurance companies, business and property owners, and construction contractors in construction accident litigation. We provide solution-oriented, cost-efficient legal representation.  Our attorneys meticulously investigate construction accidents using specially selected investigators and experts in the right place to obtain the desired information.

We will review building contracts, construction plans, indemnity contracts between subcontractors and help you enforce the obligations set forth within them and pursuant to the legal standards.  Our firm can analyze your case for liability and damage issues so that an appropriate legal strategy can be devised on your behalf.  Our attorneys will thoroughly and accurately evaluate an accident and the injuries sustained in order to determine the seriousness of the damages. This includes determining liability whether it rests with our client, general contractor, architect, engineer, subcontractor, or plaintiff. This allows you to effectively manage the exposure and our litigators to efficiently handle a matter in a time-sensitive, cost-effective manner.

We are skilled at all methods for resolving your case effectively, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.  Whether the construction accident involves injuries, property damage or a combination of the two, the firm will provide effective, cost-conscious services aimed at protecting your bottom line.

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