Medical Balance Bill Disputes

The attorneys at Devine Timoney Law Group defend patients, health plans and health insurers when they receive improper or surprise bills, or are billed for sums well in excess of the value of the services rendered. Individuals, plans and carriers call upon Devine Timoney Law Group to respond promptly when a questionable bill is received or when a medical provider engages in questionable collection practices. The Firm’s attorneys are well versed in federal and state laws related to medical billing and collection issues. They are experienced in obtaining essential documents from medical providers through the litigation process to establish and prove the proper and reasonable charges for medical services.

When frivolous medical debt is sold off to third parties who file “book account” action against carriers and plans, Devine Timoney Law Group is retained to promptly defend its clients and protect them from being forced to pay or settle baseless medical debt claims.

Devine Timoney Law Group attorneys also provide training to individuals, health plans, and medical cost containment companies on topics relating to medical bill collection practices.